Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this website?
The goal of this website is to facilitate a peer-based selection of the “best” Invisalign treatment outcomes of the treatments added in 2020.
How were the patients selected to be on this website?
Invisalign practitioners were encouraged to submit their best Invisalign treatments for consideration of placement in the Global Invisalign Gallery. For all treatments presented, written patient consent was obtained, including parent/guardian consent for patients under the age of 18.
Is it too late to submit additional cases to the gallery?
No, the Global Invisalign Gallery is continually growing. If you are interested in submitting a treatment for the Global Invisalign Gallery please submit your treatment at
Who built this site?
The site was built in collaboration of Yard Internet B.V. and Align Technology B.V., the makers of Invisalign.
Is there a deadline for voting?
Yes, the deadline is December 15, 2021.
Who is eligible to vote?
For the 2021 Peer Review Awards, any Invisalign practitioner is allowed to vote.
How are winners determined?
Invisalign doctors will vote based on all approved cases from 2020 and the top 3 per region will be awarded!
Where will winners be announced?
Winners will be announced on the Global Invisalign Gallery homepage.
What do participating doctors receive?
By submitting a treatmetn to the Global Invisalign Gallery doctors are automatically eligable to take part in the Peer Review Awards.  Winners will be recognized for their achievement, but no additional monetary compensation will be awarded. Promotional consideration for select participants, however, may be given. And the winning treatments will be recognized in the Global Invisalign Gallery by an award symbol on the treatment page.
How can I reach the Align representative for the Global Invisalign Gallery?
The Align representative for the Global Invisalign Gallery can be reached via email at